The Importance Of a Quality Printing Paper

The Importance Of a Quality Printing Paper

I used to think,like many other people still do, that a photograph is just that, a photograph! When I had a function or event to attend and needed to save the memory , I would go for the cheapest that I could find (talk about economizing).

After awhile however, I noticed that I was losing more than I was gaining, but being an amateur in all things photography, I thought nothing of it.

Recently, I met an expert, seasoned photographer who has been in the photography business for over 25 years, and he shared some important insights that I want to share with you today.

Reasons to use quality printing paper

1.It does not fade

If the quality of the paper used to print your photo,whether full size or passport is of a low quality, you are guaranteed that it will fade in less than 2 years. Imagine the disappointment you will feel when you see the memory you wanted to store forever, fade in just a mere 2 years.

Go for quality printing paper. It may be expensive,but it is worth it because you get to keep your memories for much longer.

2. It produces clearer images

Nobody likes a grainy picture. We all want photos that have a clear resolution in order to either post them on social media or store them in a album and show them off later in a gathering of friends.

The quality of the printing paper will ultimately determine the outcome of your photo. The cheap, low quality ones will make you think that the photographer is the problem while in actual sense, you have been failed by your choice of printing paper.

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