3 Easy Steps To Restoring Your Old Photographs

I recently found myself musing about past memories of high school; what, with the current exam mood in Kenya. My thoughts took me to a time when I was ’young’. After sometime of entertaining these thoughts, I decided to look through the old albums and continue my recollections.

However, when I whipped it out from where I had placed it, the photos were not the same. At least, not as I remembered them. Some of them were stuck together, others were full of rust and I couldn’t really make out the images.

I felt a lost at this loss of such precious memories, then, I discovered that I could restore them in some 3 easy steps.

How to restore your old photos

  1. Have them scanned

All you need to do is find a good photo studio and they will scan your photo for you. Once this is done, the photo will be saved in readiness for the second phase of the restoration process.

  1. Have them edited and embellished

The next step will be to edit the photograph. This is usually done on Photoshop or whatever other software a studio decides to use for editing purposes.

This will usually take some time depending on the damage to the photo. Once this process is complete, you should be able to view your photo which should look as good as or even better than new. It will have a brighter hue, all the blemishes will be gone and the image will be visible without squinting.

  1. Have them printed and framed

The last step to the restoration and subsequent preservation of your memories is to request the studio to print the photograph for you and frame it in a nice durable frame.

In the event that you also want to have a soft copy, all you have to do is to request them to save it for you in your phone, or send it to you via email so that you can store it on the cloud or on Google docs.

Restoration of photos is not that complicated, all you have to do is identify a good, professional studio where you will receive quality services. You must remember that the process requires care and expertise so choosing a good photo studio is essential.


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